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Arizona Quilters Guild

Committed to educating the public and our members about the place quilts hold in our lives, hearts, and history.

This page contains the various documents and forms that are used by the chapters.  These are primarily used by the chapter leadership teams.  Most are publicly available but some require you to be logged in as a member to view.

(Alpha Listing of Documents and Forms)

Membership Forms

You may join online or use a paper form.  Here are the links:

Membership Online Form Membership Paper Form  (Download PDF)


The Bylaws state the rules governing the internal affairs of the Arizona Quilters Guild  (Download PDF)

If you have any questions, please contact president_elect@aqgmail.com

Chapter Leadership Handbook

The Chapter Leadership Handbook outlines the policies and procedures for Chapters of the Arizona Quilters Guild

Complete Chapter Leadership Handbook (pdf)

Section 1 – Chapter Procedures (pdf)
Section 2 – Membership (pdf)
Section 3 – Finances (pdf)
Section 4 – Task Matrix (pdf)
Section 5 – Liability Insurance (pdf)
Section 6 – Education (pdf)
Section 7 – Communications (pdf)
Section 8 – Becoming a Chapter (pdf)
Section 9 – Dissolution of a Chapter (pdf)
Task Matrix by Chapter (pdf)

If you have any questions, please contact president_elect@aqgmail.org

Board of Directors

Board and Committee Position Requirements (Download PDF)

Board of Directors and Committee Members Biographical Statement   Online Form   (you will need a headshot to complete this form)

Application to Join the Board of Directors or Committees  Application Online Form  

If you have any questions, please contact president@aqgmail.org

Chapter Basics

Application to Become a Chapter  (Download PDF)

Chapter Positions Update: Online Form

Chapter Dissolution Form:  (Download PDF)

Use this form to update meeting locations, times, and chapter leadership

See also: Chapter Chair Handbook, Section 2

If you have any questions, please contact membership@aqgmail.org

Chapter Financial Recap - due 2/15 and 8/15 

Instructions for Financial Recap  (Download PDF)

Download Excel form

Download Paper PDF form

If you have any questions, please contact treasurer@aqgmail.org

Insurance Request

To complete this form you will need Chapter contact information and the address and contact information for the location of the AQG-Chapter event

Online Form

If you have any questions, please contact president@aqgmail.org

AQG Mini-Grant - see due dates below

This is the AQG yearly distribution of funds to the chapters to assist with their charitable projects.  Chapters must request funds, and upon receiving them follow guidelines as written by the board.

See also: Chapter Chair Handbook Section 3

Mini-Grant Policy and Procedure Summary  (Download PDF). 

Mini-Grant Application (Due 10/31)    Online Form   Mini Grant Application Form

Mini-Grant Summary Report (Due 8/31)    Mini Grant Summary Report Form

To complete this form you will need copies of your receipts - digital scans for the online form, or photocopies for the paper form.

If you have any questions please contact secretary@aqgmail.com

For complete instructions refer to Chapter Chair Handbook, Section 6.

Guidelines for Class Host  (Download PDF)

Speaker Biographical Statement Online Form

Speaker Payment Report  Online Form

Please complete this report within 10 days of the event

Help us by including an IRS W-9 form completed by your speaker. Print the form available here, have the speaker complete and sign it, make a digital copy, and attach to your report.

IRS W-9 Report  Form (Download PDF)

Chapter Request to Host a Class Online Form

If you have any questions, please contact education@aqgmail.org

Miscellaneous Forms 

Donation Tax Receipt  (Download PDF)

Payment Request/Expense Report Form  (Download PDF)

AQG Logo's

Small        (Download .jpg)

Medium  (Download .jpg)

Large        (Download.jpg)

If you have any questions, please contact treasurer@aqgmail.org

AQG Purpose

Arizona Quilters Guild promotes appreciation of quilts and quilting, sponsors and support quilting activities, and furthers the growth of quilting education.

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